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Pelican Pointe Apartment Granite Countertops


Pelican Pointe Apartment granite countertops enable high traction, clean and artistic kitchen work in terms of food preparation and has an artistic appeal to the viewer that enhances smooth action during a kitchen activity. Granite comes in a variety of colors like white, beige, brown, red and blue that adds art to the natural countertops.

You’ll like the combined design of the kitchen and the availability of all the equipment provided to residents. Enjoy the 4-stove burner, refrigerator, and a wide area for slicing vegetables and preparing food. The kitchen is one of the most appealing features of the Pelican Pointe Apartment granite countertops. 

Simple but elegant, the Pelican Pointe Apartment granite countertops embedded into the kitchen add luster to the cooking area. Your kitchen working table is durable and present a beautiful surface to match the maple cabinets of the kitchen.

The countertops have a special property of repelling wetness and are easy to clean, since granite is a natural stone fashioned by a special finishing process, an important feature when doing a cooking activity at the kitchen. 

You can also place wood cutting boards on top of the granite countertops and the slicing of vegetables, meat, cheese and other food is much easier since the Pelican Pointe Apartment granite countertops has a natural adhesive property that makes the wood stick to the tops.

If you love being in the kitchen, you’ll love the long mineral stone table tops of Pelican Pointe Apartment granite countertops . The countertops become a work of art inside the kitchen. If you have stocked all your recipes and mixes inside the fridge and cabinet stocking areas, then you’re ready for the next cooking bout.

Discover the amenities found in almost every apartment and enjoy them to the fullest extent, such as the Pelican Pointe Apartment granite countertops. You can transform cooking into an experience of delight with the attractive Pelican Pointe Apartment granite countertops.

The table tops are an excellent venue to prepare food. When doing some heavy duty cooking activity at the kitchen, you can display all your food ingredients, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables in array at the Pelican Pointe Apartment granite countertops which can function as a long table. In this way you have fast and easy access to all the food components that you need for the cooking.

You can come and see our community at Pelican Pointe, 1333 Dunn Ave Jacksonville, FL 32218 and we would be glad to tour you around. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For directions you can call us at (904) 751-5353, or send us a message through our website .